Keto Regiment

Keto Regiment represents a large keto community of people. Idea behind the Keto Regiment is to make a community of people who are extremely aware about their health and fitness and also want to help the nation to grow healthy.These days, People are struggling and fighting with chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks, inflammation and cancer etc.  We formed the keto regiment to save people from above mentioned lifestyle diseases and to make the nation a healthy place.

Happy Customers

Health Goals Achieved

Our Mission

We at the team “KETO REGIMENT” believe in “Health comes first” so we aim to make the world a healthier place, We aim towards building a tightly knit community of healthy individuals who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Our Vision

 Our team visualizes the vision of creating a healthier society, a society where people are physically and that will play a salient role in helping them to achieve the zenith of success as “A happy soul resides in a healthy body”

Our History

From the past 2 years we at the team “KETO REGIMENT “ we have served more than 2000 happy customers and helped 1500 people to reach their fitness goals. We are in pursuit of providing our customers with the best of fitness services and aims to keep the legacy going on for eternity.




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Fitness Expert and Competetive Athelete


Founder, Fitness Expert and Certified Keto Coach